4 Benefits of Living in a Small Space

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4 Benefits of Living in a Small Space

living in a small space

Throughout life, a lot of people are constantly told that living in a big house in a suburb is a true way toward achieving happiness and success. Even though living in a bigger house is convenient if you have a family, it’s essential to point out that it doesn’t have to be the only goal.

There are other living arrangements that can be equally comfortable, especially during the years when one works towards carving out a career path and living a carefree life. In that case, a small space can be more beneficial than a large home, so for that reason here are some of the amazing benefits that one can get by opting for a smaller apartment.

Smaller Spaces Means Less Clutter

A smaller space can come with a few downsides. However, if you are considering moving to one, it’s important to know that it can be a great option for you. Living in a small apartment means less space for accumulating unnecessary clutter, which is great if you spend a lot of time at work or out with friends.

Small apartments or homes are made to be functional, and there is no room for trinkets and statement pieces of furniture and decor. Therefore, if you ever find yourself living in a tiny place, just think of all the time and money you would save by owning fewer items. That way, it’s still possible to have a home you love, but without all the mess and clutter that tend to be annoying and overwhelming.

Living in a small Space is Economical

Owning or renting a bigger home or apartment is something many people want, due to space and extra comfort. However, young Millennials are quite financially restrained due to college debt and the general economic environment, which is why a smaller place is a better option.

Aside from the costs, it’s known that small space requires less maintenance, so you will be more likely to spend less on rent and utility bills. For everyone who prefers to spend their finances on education and self-growth, then living in a smaller place will definitely be of great help.

Small Places are Perfect for a Busy Lifestyle

A lot of young people today prefer to focus on their careers, and taking care of their homes can only be time-consuming and stressful. So, choosing a smaller space can be extremely useful if you are a busy individual who would prefer to be focused on your career  rather than cleaning and maintaining your home. This is why finding a solution that allows you to have your comfort and privacy will surely help you focus on things that matter to you.

There are fully furnished studios for rent that you can use for the duration of your study or work, without having to make a long-term commitment. That way, you will have enough room to work on pursuing your business and academic goals, without spending too much on costs of living.

Small Spaces are Cozy

As mentioned above, living in a small space means less clutter, and in return, you can also learn to appreciate a more minimalist way of living that doesn’t include overspending and accumulating things only to discard them later. Besides, when living in a micro-home, it gets much easier to decorate it, considering that you generally need less stuff.

In addition, you will be able to experience a truly stress-free lifestyle, as you won’t get so hung up on things such as heating and electricity costs. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase anything new, but if you live in a small place you will likely want to avoid cluttering and all the stress that goes with it.

Making a Small Space Seem Larger

There are many ways to make a smaller space seem larger than it is. We mentioned reducing clutter which definitely helps. However, if you add mirrors to some of the walls, you can absolutely give the appearance of a larger space. We often hear the term “done with mirrors” when referring to some type of magic trick. This can be the case with your small home too.

Developing a lighting plan for a small space is another strategy that can help make the home look larger. It is a key element that many homeowners often overlook. Strategically placing lamps, adding recessed lighting and also accent lighting will transform your small space into something that can be truly amazing. Down below, we will provide you with some other articles that you can read on lighting techniques.


Big homes with a backyard, garden, and a pool are definitely a dream come true, but in this economy, it’s better to focus on having a cozy and affordable place to live, while simultaneously working on achieving your life goals. Therefore, saving money and living in a cozy and stress-free environment will definitely be of great help, so you will be free to concentrate on things that truly matter to you.

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