Top 5 Amazing Backyard Lighting Ideas

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Backyard Lighting Ideas

backyard lighting ideas

Most people who are planning to organize a party or any sort of gathering this summer are considering moving their celebration outside. Summer evenings are best spent outside under the moonlight, especially when you have dear people around you to make them even better. However, while moonlight is definitely romantic, it doesn’t provide enough illumination and you need some help from electricity too.

Lighting can be a true difference maker and will transform your yard into a great place to entertain. These backyard lighting ideas will inspire you to brighten your plans for any outdoor occasion.

Top 5 Backyard Lighting Ideas

  1. Backyard String Lights
  2. Backyard Globe Lights
  3. Light up Letters
  4. Led Torches
  5. Solar Path Lighting

Below we will discuss each of these backyard lighting ideas in detail to inspire you to make some changes at home.

Backyard String Lights 

backyard string lights

One of the most practical and beautiful ways to pump up the party factor in your backyard or garden is to turn to string lights. These are classic for all outdoor parties and for all the right reasons. They come in hundreds of styles, colors, sizes and lengths, and they can become a part of your permanent garden decoration or just used for this occasion.

You can employ backyard string lights in many ways, the most straightforward one being simply to hang them over your party area. For a stylish and vintage look, pick out large bulbs with warm white light, but if you want to take a more modern approach, you can opt for small LEDs in changing colors. Just make sure not to go overboard with your string lights. Too much can be overwhelming and completely defeat the purpose of having your party under that night sky.

You can also use your string lights on trees. Those with small LEDs can easily be twisted around tree trunks and branches. Another option for using string lights is wrapping them around the deck railing for some extra safety and sparkle.

Backyard Globe Lights

backyard globe lights

If you are having a theme party, you can’t solely only on the amazing food that you are preparing. You also need your party decoration and lighting to fit the theme. Your backyard can greatly benefit from globe or sphere lights which can be found in various colors.

The effect of all the soft colors will be jaw-dropping! These lights typically run on rechargeable batteries and may be operated with a remote, can be dimmed and have the ability to change colors.

These globe lights also come in a floating version which can be placed in your pool. Just imagine how beautiful that can look at night even if you are not having a swim party.

Light-up letters

light up letters

If you want to go all-in on your backyard and truly impress, you can hire something extraordinary: themed light up letters! These giant letters not only serve as a focal point for a party but also provide a lot of soft and pleasant illumination. No matter what the occasion of your party is, companies that rent these have various letters, numbers and words perfect for birthdays, engagement parties, proposals, corporate parties, baby showers and all other celebrations.

While light up letters can serve as illumination, they indeed offer a perfect backdrop for photos, so expect your Instagram to blow up if you choose to purchase these giant letters.

Backyard LED Torches

led torches

While torches are usually connected with Hawaii-inspired parties or beach parties, they can perfectly fit into your backyard party in the suburbs. While torches with a real flame are the norm, these LED Tiki torches provide the light and effect you need without worrying about filling them with oil, the flame, or the smoke. The fact that these torches are solar means you can leave them in your backyard all summer to enjoy.

If you want to create that charming and dramatic party atmosphere and also prevent mosquitoes from bothering your guests, then you ca install some of the real bamboo torches into the lawn around your entertainment area. Make sure to fill the torches with a mosquito repellent like citronella oil and light them up as the sun sets. If you really suffer from a mosquito invasion, mosquito coils and citronella candles will add another layer of protection for your party.

Solar Path Lighting

solar path lighting

Path lights are essential for every party for several reasons. First of all, you and your guests need to navigate around the outdoor area safely, so path lights are a must. However, good path lighting can also beautify your garden and provide it with a sense of depth and texture. Backyard lighting ideas

If you want a permanent path lighting setup that will stay relevant for many years to come, don’t install matching lights on both sides of your path. When they are all standing evenly spaced out and aligned, it can look very boring and unnatural. Instead, go for a more organic approach with path lights that don’t only light up your pathways.

With smart placing, your path lights can draw every garden visitor from light to light, gradually and naturally following the path. Choose unevenly placed and spaced fixtures that will create small light pools next to your favorite garden elements, each one drawing you to the next one.

If you only want a quick solution that will solve your path lighting problem for the party, choose solar-powered torches that release a soft glow while your party lasts. A stunning effect can also be achieved with flameless candles placed inside paper bags. You can go simple and plain or opt for decorative bags with punched designs. These are easy to switch on and off as you need them.

Backyard Lighting Ideas Summary

Summer parties are made for the outdoors, so make sure to surprise your guests with beautifully lit entertainment areas. These backyard lighting ideas won’t break your bank but they will certainly achieve a strong impression. Now make your guest list, whip up your menu and let the party start!

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