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Recommended Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting

I have often stated in various articles within the site that under cabinet lighting is a critical element to making your kitchen look great. I have personally tested everything on this page and I am currently using the first Under Cabinet Lighting fixtures that you see below.

It took me months of research to come to my final decision and all of the products below were strongly considered before my kitchen remodel was completed. Not only did I buy and test these items but I also spent a lot of time reading reviews and speaking with other people who used these products but also with the dozens of under cabinet lighting options that I ultimately did not choose

Some of the critical factors which helped me to narrow down my choices were as follows:

  • The ability to select multiple kelvin light temperatures
  • The ability to dim the lights if needed
  • I wanted LED because all of the other options would heat up the kitchen
  • I wanted energy efficiency
  • I also spent a lot of time researching the installation process. I was not willing to do soldering even though that is a skillset that I have.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

Most Recommended – I have these in my kitchen and I am completely satisfied. The install was what I expected and the light options are great.  These are the lights I would recommend if you are installing under cabinet lights in your kitchen.

After doing an extensive search over a few months and buying various fixtures and testing them, I selected the GetInLight Dimmable 3 Color Under Cabinet Lighting Fixture. This was the best hard wired under cabinet lighting option that I could find. The installation was easy and more importantly the light it provides in my kitchen is great. I think having the three color temperature option is also a plus. You will not be disappointed if you select these under cabinet lights. Here are some benefits and specs.

  • Ability to switch between three temperatures – Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K) & Bright White (4000K)
  • Available in the following sizes (9 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch, 32 inch, 40 inch, 48 inch)
  • Available in White, Brushed Nickel and Bronze
  • Solid metal housing and knock outs for wiring installation.
  • These can be Hardwired or can be plugged into a nearby outlet. The hardware kit and power cords are included regardless as to which installation method you choose.
  • Energy Star Rated and Certified
  • You can connect or link up to 20 units to a single power supply.
  • Compatible with Most LED Dimmers,
  • Hi/Low Switch Dimmer switch included

See installation video on Youtube

This is the pricing today on Amazon for the GetInLight Dimmable 3 Color Under Cabinet Lighting Fixture


Best Under Cabinet Lighting

This manufacturer also makes a version of this lights where the light tilts and angles. This means you could install them towards the back of the cabinet but then focus the light towards the front of your counters. If you are interested in seeing those, take a look at the pricing here.

Another Good Option is the AQLighting Dimmable LED under cabinet lighting fixture. If you are looking for a high quality lighting fixture then I would recommend this one. These are made extremely well and the only reason why it is not my top option is because it comes in one kelvin temperature of 2700. If you know you want that temp then you should consider the AQLighting fixture.

This fixture is available in the following sizes (8 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch, 32 inch) and also comes in white, nickel and champagne finishes. The installation is the same as the GetInLight fixture above so if you watch that video, you will be able to install these as well.

swivel under cabinet light

  • Available in White, Nickel and Champagne
  • Easy installation – same as the GenInLight installation above
  • Consistent light output

See Today’s Price on Amazon


LED Under Cabinet Light Bars

Under cabinet light bars are popular in that they are usually a bit less expensive. They are a great option if you are just trying to give your kitchen a quick inexpensive upgrade and these also work in your home office, a garage over your work bench and even in a closet.

The Litever Under Cabinet LED Light Bar Kit (12 inch) comes highly recommended although I would choose one of the light fixtures above first if you are doing a higher end kitchen. These come in the warm white 3000k temperature which is good for a kitchen. It also is available in the 5000k temp but I would only select this temp for a garage type of application.  If you are ok with just having 12 inch light bar sections then these are a good choice.

These come with a 3 pack or a 6 pack of 12 inch sections. The kit includes a dimmer and also has all of the mounting hardware that you will need. See today’s price for the Litever Under Cabinet LED Light Bar Kit today on Amazon.

under cabinet light kit

Another Good Option is the LXG 12in Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting kit. These are a less expensive option than the light fixtures above. However, you are again limited to just 12 inch sizes. You get (4) 12 inch lengths when you buy the kit. It also includes a remote which will allow you to dim the lights. This kit is available in temps of 2700k, 3000k and 5000k. The mounting hardware is also included.

under cabinet light kitMost of the reviews from customers indicate that they like the lights and felt that they were a good value. The one common thing that I saw was there is a bit of a yellow cast to the light. Keep this in mind before making your purchase.

Check today’s price for the the LXG 12in Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting kit.


LED Tape Lights – LED Strip Lights

If you are looking for LED strip lights or tape lights then my choice would be the HitLights LED Strip Lights. The roll is a total of 16.4’ft in length length, and they are very easy to install. They come with a peel and stick tape backing and these can be cut to length every two inches. Although these come in multiple colors, I am linking to the warm white 3000k temperature version since that would be better for your kitchen. It does not include the DC Power supply, but I am also linking to that below.

strip lightsHitlights LED Strip Lights Pricing

I purchased these and tested them in my office and they worked well. Easy installation and they can also be used with a dimmer. They can be used indoor or outdoors.  If you would like to string these together, then purchase the connector cables below and you can chain them together from one cabinet to the next. These small cables come in multiple lengths

The combined cost of the tape light roll, the power supply and the additional connector wires is approximately $30. I am providing the links to all three so you can find them easily.

Hitlights LED Strip Lights Pricing

12 volt DC Power Supply Pricing

12 volt power supply






Connector Wires Pricing

connector wires

Wireless Under Cabinet Lights

Your final option here would be wireless under cabinet light fixtures. These are the easiest to install and also the least expensive. They are not recommended for a higher end kitchen but will work fine for those on a budget. The benefits are the cost and ease of installation. The two negatives are the quality of the light and the fact that you will need to change batteries.

I am first recommending the Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light. The kit comes with 6 puck lights and they just stick beneath your cabinet. You also get a remote that has a dimmer and also a timer so you can make sure these battery powered pucks do not stay on when you leave the room for an extended period of time.

You have the ability to buy two kits and use one remote to control them all. Each remote can control a total of 12 puck lights. These lights are also going to have the 3000k Kelvin temperature which is good. Each puck will take 3 AAA batteries (included) and although these lights are more energy efficient than some of the other models, the batteries will last for 100 hours. So, it sounds like you could be changing batteries once per month if you use the lights daily.

Going wireless and with pucks is probably going to be your easiest install of them all. What you gain in ease of installation you will give up in quality and additional cost for batteries. There is always a trade off it seems. These lights can also be used for other applications such as a closet or even a shed.

Here is the pricing for the Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Lights

under cabinet puck lights

I will continue to update the recommended under cabinet lighting options as technology changes.

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