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Recommended Pendant Lighting

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Recommending the top pendant lighting options is probably the most difficult thing to do because it is mostly about personal taste rather than what is “best”. When it comes to pendant lights, the best is purely subjective.

When we were shopping for a pendant light for over our kitchen sink, it took a long time before we found what we wanted. In fact, we bought a couple of them and returned the ones that we did not want after we were able to see them in person. You can shop for pendant lights at a store, but you are not able to see too many options there.

The best I can do is show you which pendant lights are the most popular right now and also cross reference that against the pendant lighting options that have also had the most positive reviews. This will be a good starting point for you. I will also provide you with the top recommended items for each category based upon reviews and popularity down below.

Most Popular Pendant Lighting Categories

Popular Pendant Lights for the Kitchen Island on Amazon 

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Popular Pendant Lights for the Kitchen Table on Amazon  

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Popular Pendant Lights for Over Your Sink on Amazon

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Popular Pendant Lights for Your Exterior Entrance on Amazon

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Popular Pendant Lights for Your Interior Entrance or Foyer on Amazon

Popular Pendant Lights for Your Pool Table on Amazon

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My Favorite Pendant Light Over The Kitchen Sink 

kitchen pendant light

The Seguro Pendant Light by LBL is amazing and I am currently using it over the sink in my kitchen. The cracked glass look creates these really interesting shapes and images on the cabinets. Especially when the ceiling lights are off.

This pendant light fixture is available in smoked or clear glass. Extremely easy to install and is efficient. I recommend pairing this with really nice under cabinet lighting. Together, they just make the kitchen look great.

Check the price on Amazon for the Seguro Pendant Light with smoked glass.

Check the price on Amazon for the Seguro Pendant Light with clear glass.

My Favorite Pool Table Pendent Light Fixture

How can you argue with this one? It is perfect and will be a conversation piece when you have your friends over. Distract them with this cool light while you are taking their money in a competitive game of pool!

Check the price on Amazon for this Pool Table Pendant Light Fixture

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