Turning Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Oasis

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Turning Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor Oasis

Warm, sunny days are finally here, which means we’re spending more time outdoors, basking in the sun and enjoying everything that summer has to offer. While summer vacations can be nice, stay-cations are gaining more popularity, with many homeowners designing their own outdoor oasis in their backyards. Eager to learn how to create one yourself? Take a look at these five essential summer upgrades.

Create the perfect outdoor lounge with comfortable seating

Outdoor Oasis

Your outdoor furnishings are core pieces, so it’s only logical to start building your space from there. First, pick out your foundation pieces such as chairs, lounges, sofas, and coffee tables, and pay attention to the color scheme you use so that all the elements function as a cohesive whole. Try to bring your indoor design concept outside by focusing on the style and colors of the pieces you already own.

Since this area of the backyard also doubles as an outdoor living room, be sure to add some other elements that will bring up the coziness factor. Throw pillows and rugs will add to the feeling of comfort, and they can easily be swapped so that they coordinate with the seasons.

Add some shade to your cozy outdoor oasis

backyard oasis

Your outdoor lounge will need to be equipped with at least one source of shade, otherwise, it’ll be exposed to direct sunlight and the seating area will be practically unusable during the day. When it comes to creating an enclosed area where you can sit and hang out, there are many options to choose from.

Many homeowners go back to the basics and opt for patio umbrellas to add shade to their outdoor living rooms, and the fact that these can easily be moved around makes them a very practical solution. Some homeowners go a step further by installing a permanent covering such as freestanding pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos.

Although rather ambitious outdoor projects, these shade structures provide protection from elements, and they also give you a chance to maximize the use of your patio. Make sure that you add some outdoor lighting effects to this space as well.

Incorporate Outdoor Lighting into Your  Design

backyard lighting

Regardless of whether you’re indoors or out, proper lighting is a must.  In order to create the perfect atmosphere in your backyard, you need to include different layers of lighting. If you’re working with bigger outdoor space, a fire pit would come in handy, as a source of both light and heat.

String lights are an easy, practical lighting solution that won’t set you back a lot, while overhead chandeliers in pergolas and gazebos will create a cozy and welcoming vibe. Set the mood with warmer tones and be sure to add a couple of candles to create a relaxing, romantic atmosphere.

You can even consider adding outdoor rope lighting for some additional layers of illumination.

Elevate your outdoor oasis with a luxury spa

outdoor oasis

After you’ve set up your outdoor living room, it’s time to consider other elements that can help you make good use of your outdoor space. Water features and fire pits are a popular choice among homeowners, but others prefer something a bit more practical. Seeking the protection from the hot sun, many homeowners there would rather soak in a hot bath and admire the sunset.

With the increasing shrinkage of backyards, homeowners are looking for a way to make use of their space while still creating an area for relaxation. Many opt for a luxury outdoor spa to elevate their outdoor space and transform their backyards into cozy oases. Not only is this a practical solution for smaller backyards, but it also comes with a number of health benefits, which makes it an addition worth considering.

Spruce it up with additional greenery

backyard oasis

The last step you need to take in order to design a stress-busting outdoor oasis is to incorporate some plants into your outdoor living room design.

Greenery can turn any patio into a comfortable place that is perfect for relaxing, and your choice of patio plants will depend on the amount of light they will be exposed to.

Plants like bamboo and banana require full sun and will provide additional shade and privacy, while shade-craving plants such as Fern and English Ivy will spruce up your patio and enhance its beauty with their green foliage.


A well-designed outdoor space can make warm, summer days even more enjoyable, and all it takes to create one is a couple of upgrades. Use the tips above as a guide for designing your own outdoor oasis where you can relax and unwind, anytime you want.

Remember to include lighting into your plans regardless as to what your final design looks like. The outdoor lighting will tie everything together and will make a huge difference.

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