Office Design Solutions For the Millennial Workforce

Last Updated on April 2, 2020 by The Tutor

Office Design Solutions for the Millennial Workforce

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With more and more people looking for well-paid jobs, the competition is getting extremely competitive. That means you’ll have to try extra hard to attract new people, and if millennials are your target audience, one of the ways to appeal to them is by spicing up your office space.

Effective office design solutions will make your workplace more inviting and will help attract new millennial talent. The design should include proper spacing, furniture and lighting. Here are some of the best office design solutions that should help you do that more effectively.

No more cubicles

Instead of forcing your employees to spend their working hours stuck in tiny cubicles, you should give them more freedom and open their space up. Cubicles are definitely the thing of the past, and nobody is happy to see them again, while open offices are getting more and more attention.

These are particularly appealing to millennials who love their freedom and hate feeling confined. Open offices boost their motivation and productivity to work, but also do wonders for their interaction, which means your employees will turn from individuals who don’t know each other into a strong workforce in no time at all.

Open concept offices began in Europe and they have now gained popularity within American companies too.

Encourage Movement and Exercise

Instead of small and outdated office spaces that had nothing but chairs and desks, new offices are bigger, wider, and more open. This means your employees can walk around and stretch their legs every once in a while. This will make them more alert and functional, which is great not just for their mental and physical health, but for their performance as well.

Taking regular breaks and moving around the office could also help them interact with their peers as well, and that’s another way to improve coherence in your company. Some companies have also installed treadmills where you can get some exercise while chatting on a conference call at the same time.

Spice up the interior

While open spaces are amazing and appealing to all millennials, it still doesn’t mean anything unless your office is properly designed and decorated. It has to be functional and visually appealing, and if you don’t insist on both of these things, you won’t be able to inspire millennials to join you.

Relying on expert office designers who know how to make these things happen is always better than doing it yourself. You might even look into those cost-effective professional design office ideas that will make your office more appealing than ever. These spaces will boost your employees’ morale and help them do more in less time, which is always good.

Update your flooring

Even though this doesn’t look like the most important thing in the world, the fact is that this issue is quite important. Updating your office floors from time to time is a way to make this space look newer and nicer, but also attract more millennials.

Instead of carpets and rugs, they prefer modern and greener materials such as vinyl, bamboo, cork, and tile. If none of these work for you, stick to traditional hardwood floors, and your millennial workers won’t be able to resist you.

The Importance of Lighting in Office Design

One of the things most people don’t know about millennials is that they’re so eco-friendly and environmentally-aware. That means they prefer office spaces that are green and sustainable as well. That’s why your office space needs to feel this way too, and one of the ideas to look into is getting more air and natural light.

Start by installing new extra-large windows, and keep them open all day long. Floor to ceiling windows wherever possible to maximize the natural light.

Next, replace all your light bulbs with new LED bulbs  that are matched with the right Kelvin temperature. The color temperature is extremely important because the wrong temperature will make your colleagues want to leave as soon as possible.

The new LED’s are not just better for the environment, but also make your office space warmer and more appealing.

Summary – Office Design Solutions

Making your office space more millennial-friendly might take some time, but it’s definitely worth your effort. It’s a way to attract new workforce and new clients, so it’s a win-win scenario you have to look into.