Lighting Installation Costs – Estimate

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Lighting Installation Costs – All Types

lighting installation costs

Installing a light fixture is something homeowners can do for themselves if they are handy and if they feel comfortable working with electricity. However, for many people installing a light fixture is something they would prefer to leave to a professional. In this article, we share the average national costs to install various types of home lighting fixtures.

Lighting installation costs range from as little as $75 for a dimmer switch to $300 for larger more complex lighting installations.  Your cost can be more than double if you need to have a light fixture installed where one currently does not exist.

Costs vary based upon the type of lighting fixture that you are using, whether you are replacing an existing fixture or adding new electrical service to the location where the light fixture will be installed.

Lighting Installation Costs

Type of Lighting Fixture Uses Average Installation Cost
Recessed Lighting Used in virtually every room in the home $130 to $150
Pendant Lighting Decorative style, kitchens $95 to $250
Chandelier Ornamental style, kitchens, dining rooms and entrances $100 to $750
Track Lighting Providing targeted lights, any room in the home $100 to $250
Under Cabinet Lighting Kitchen cabinets other workspaces $125 to $300
Landscape Lighting Outdoor lighting – decorative $1,500 to $3,000
Entrance Lighting Functional light and style  $95 to $250
Fluorescent Lights More on function rather than aesthetics $90 to $220
Wall Mounted Lighting Targeted lighting in the hallways, stairwells, and bathrooms $90 to $250
LED Light Energy-saving $100 to $150
Dimmer Switch To adjust the brightness of the light in bedrooms and living rooms $90 to $200

Recessed Lighting Installation Costs

Recessed lighting is a type of lighting fixture that is installed directly inside a ceiling, wall, or other surfaces. Its main components include housing, trim, and bulb. The housing is the bulk of the fixture which is hidden within the wall, ceiling, furniture, or any surface. It houses the electrical connections of the light. The trim is the decorative, visible portion of the fixture, and the bulb is the one that produces light.

Installation Cost of a Recessed Lighting In an Existing Ceiling

The average installation cost of recessed lighting in the U.S. is between $130 and $150 per fixture. This rate typically includes lighting materials and labor costs. Certain factors affect the installation costs, such as:

  • Ceiling height – High ceilings usually increase the cost of recessed lighting installation because it requires more effort.
  • Attic space – It is easier to install recessed lights in a ceiling with attic space above compared to those without no attic spaces. The installation time is reduced when installers can access the attic, making the installation cost is typically lower.
  • Wirings and switches – If you don’t have existing electrical wirings and switches for your new recessed lights, this may also increase the cost of installation.

New Construction cost to install recessed lighting – You can expect the labor or installation cost to be $50-$75 per fixture when the ceiling is open and easily accessible.

Pendant Lighting Installation Costs

Pendant lights are decorative lights that hang from ceiling mounts and they typically feature one or more bulbs. Pendant lights are especially popular in kitchens, however, some homeowners also use them in bedrooms.

The average installation cost of a pendant light typically ranges from $95 to $250. This cost may increase if you need to install another switch for the light. Pendant lights are generally easy to install because they are lightweight. Since they also have low-voltage requirements, you can usually connect them to your existing junction boxes.

Pendant lights are extremely popular now and they add a decorative touch to every room. As a result, the cost of the fixture is often higher than the cost of installation. Read our article on pendant lighting options if you would like to learn more about pendant lights.

Chandelier Installation Costs

A chandelier is an ornamental light that hangs from a ceiling and has branches for holding many light bulbs or candles. Chandeliers are typically installed in kitchens and living rooms, or hang them in practically any room in the house to provide the space with a fancy and elegant ambiance.

The cost of replacing a chandelier with a new one typically ranges between $100 and $200. If you need to install a chandelier in a location that doesn’t already have one, it costs around $300 to $2,000 or more. It’s important to note that these are just the cost of installation and don’t include the chandelier.

Factors that may affect the cost of installation of a chandelier include:

  • Size and weight of the chandelier – Small chandeliers are typically easier to install, therefore the cost is less compared to large, heavier chandeliers.
  • Height of the ceiling – Electricians may charge more for the installation of a chandelier for houses with high ceilings that require a lift to reach.

Heavier chandeliers require bracing in the ceiling to support the weight. The additional time and cost related to installing a heavy chandelier could add another $100 to the cost. Read our article on how to install a heavy chandelier for more information.

Track Lighting Installation Costs

Track lighting is a lighting system where light fixtures are attached on a track that contains electrical conductors. This type of lighting feature allows variable positioning and is best for highlighting a room’s best features.

If the room already has overhead lighting fixtures, the cost of installing a track lighting ranges between $100 to $250. It can go as high as $480 to $675, depending on how complicated the track light’s design is. Track lighting installation costs may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Type and style of the track lights – Generally, functional stainless steel spotlights are much less expensive than certain types of decorative track lighting.
  • Wiring – If there is an existing light fixture in place where the electricians can tap into the wires and switches, the installation cost is expectedly lower. However, if there are no existing light fixtures, the cost may be a lot more expensive.
  • Ceiling Height – If the ceiling is very high, it may be a two many job which will drive up the costs.

Under-Cabinet Lighting Installation Costs

Under-cabinet lighting is typically installed under a cabinet, shelf, or similar furniture to provide localized lighting on a specific surface. Under-cabinet lighting can either be hard-wired into the walls of a house or simply plug into an existing outlet.

The national average cost to install under cabinet lighting ranges from $230 to $300 per fixture. This price range includes the cost of both labor and materials. This cost will depend on your location, type of lighting, and installation conditions. Other factors that can affect the under-cabinet lighting installation cost are:

  • Whether to hard-wire or to plug – Hard-wired under-cabinet lights — those that can be operated with a switch on the wall — take more time to install, so they are expected to be more costly. If you choose to plug the lights into an existing outlet, the installation cost will be much lower.
  • The number of fixtures – The more under-cabinet lighting fixtures that you need to install, the higher the price.
  • Installing in an existing kitchen – If you are installing in a kitchen that already has the cabinets installed, your costs may be quite a bit higher than if it was being done during the kitchen remodel process.

Under cabinet lighting can be installed by the average homeowner. Please read our article on how to install under cabinet lighting.

Landscape Lighting Installation Costs

Landscape lighting is outdoor lighting that is generally used for gardens, yards, decks, and lawns. Landscape lightings are used for aesthetic purposes, as well as for safety, nighttime enhancements, accessibility, and security. The best landscape lightings are made of LED uplights.

Installation Cost of a Landscape Lighting

A basic landscape lighting system with a transformer, photocell, timer, and includes four to five LED uplights will cost around $1,500 to install. It can go up to $3,000 for a typical 10-light system. The cost goes higher for every additional fixture, including the cost of wiring and installation.

The factors that can affect the installation cost of landscape lighting include:

    • Size and conditions – The installation cost of landscape lights usually depends on the size of the yard, as well as its conditions. Certain obstacles, such as trenching on a sidewalk or a rocky lawn, can increase the cost.
    • Wiring requirements and lighting design – Complex lighting designs and those with large properties may require a larger transformer to keep all lights on the same circuit. This can also increase the installation cost.

Bathroom Lighting Installation Costs

Bathroom lightings are lighting fixtures that are used in a bathroom. Bathroom lightings include ceiling lights, wall sconce lights, and vanity lights. You can use also pendant lights, recessed lights, or a chandelier in your bathroom if you like.

Installation Cost of Bathroom Lights

The installation cost of bathroom lights will depend on the type of lighting that you use. Basic single sconce bathroom lights typically cost between $50 and $250 per fixture and around $400 to $500 for multi-light fixtures.

The costs associated with installing bathroom lighting will be directly related to whether the electrician is simply replacing an existing fixture or if a special or new wire and switch is needed.

Read our article on the Best Bathroom Lighting Options

Fluorescent Lighting Installation Costs

The standard fluorescent light fixtures are 36” with sockets for two bulbs. These bulbs have low-energy usage, which is the reason why they are used in homes and workplaces alike. Fluorescent lights are also cost-saving and have long light life.  Generally, fluorescent lights are more about the function and not aesthetics.

Installation Cost of Fluorescent Lights

The labor cost of installing fluorescent light fixtures in a room ranges from $90 to $220. The rate varies depending on the type of fluorescent light used and the electrical wiring available in the room. They are often installed in the garage and can easily be handled by the homeowner and tied into the existing ceiling light.

Wall-Mounted Lighting Installation Costs

Wall-mounted lights are mounted directly to a wall surface, where the metal electric box is attached to a wall stud. Wall-mounted lights include sconces, diffusers, vanity lights, and even track lighting. Wall-mounted lights provide targeted lighting and are typically seen in the hallways, stairwells, and bathrooms.

Installation Cost of Wall-Mounted Lights

The average installation cost of a wall-mounted light ranges between $90 and $250. To install a wall-mounted light, it needs access to an electrical box that connects the lights to the existing house wiring. The cost varies depending on the type of light fixtures used.

LED Light Installation Costs

LED lights, or light-emitting diode lights, are among the most energy-efficient lights in the market. LED lights are cost-saving and they produce light up to 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs.

Installation Cost of LED Lights

The average cost of installing a single LED light strip is around $100 to $150 if you have a complete kit with the required transformer and wiring. This may vary depending on your location.

The reality though is an LED light is simply the type of bulb being used and the true cost is tied to the type of lighting fixture you are installing.

Dimmer Switch Installation Costs

A dimmer switch is a device connected to a light fixture and is used to soften or brighten the light, according to the needs of the homeowner. Dimmers are typically used in bedrooms and living rooms, providing a warmer ambiance in a room.

Installation Cost of a Dimmer Switch

Installing new dimmers will cost around $100 to $200, depending on the type of dimmer switch you use. Adding a dimmer switch to existing light fixtures does not typically involve much adjustment to the wiring or placement of the switch. However, if you are looking to add a new light switch where one currently does not exist, then the installation costs will be much higher.

Read our article on how to wire a light switch if you would like to try to tackle this project yourself.

Hiring an Electrician to Install Lighting Fixtures

Home lighting installation costs vary depending on the electrician, the type of lighting fixture, your location, the number of lights you are installing, and any electrical wiring work required. The cost will be at least double whenever you need to have a light fixture installed where there isn’t one already.

While some of these lighting fixtures are simple and easy to install, it’s not recommended to do the installation yourself if you do not have enough electrical knowledge. It’s still best to hire a professional who has the right skills and experience to get the job done safely and correctly.

Understanding what the standard costs are for each type of lighting installation will help you to know whether the estimate you are receiving is legitimate.

How to Save Money on Lighting Installation Costs

When it comes to saving money on lighting installation costs, the first thing that will come to everyone’s mind is to install the fixture yourself. However, when it comes to having someone else install lighting for you, there are a few things you can do to reduce the costs.

  1. Lighting Fixture Selection
    When choosing your light fixtures, you can of course opt for less expensive fixtures which will help bring down your overall costs. However, there are some fixtures that are easier to install than others which could reduce the estimate you receive from an electrician.
  2. Increase the Size of the Job
    As with virtually every type of home improvement professional, electricians also may reduce the costs if you are hiring them to do more than come in and install a single light fixture. Think about all of the electrical or lighting work that may be needed around the house and then ask for a quote with a reduced cost if you offer them all of the work.
  3. Ask the Professional How to Reduce Installation Costs
    Sometimes all you need to do is ask whether there is anything that can be done to reduce the costs. You may hear of some suggestions about your bid request that if changed slightly could reduce the costs of the job.

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