Best LED Night Lights Review

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Best LED Night Lights Review

led night lights

Getting a good night’s rest is just as important for your body as water and food. Sleep is essential for everyone, whether you’re an infant or adult. Proper sleep helps you get through the entire day actively. While babies need more sleep for brain development, adults also need a minimum of 8 hours every night.

Therefore, it is a concern if you are not getting enough sleep. It might be that your partner prefers to sleep with the lights on, while you don’t, or conversely, you are afraid of the dark. No matter what the problem is, you have to solve the issue.

One of the best solutions is to install LED night lights. You can use them in washrooms, bedrooms, and even in your child’s bedroom. They are effective if you want to sleep in low light and minimize the risks of tripping and falling over in the dark. If your child is having trouble falling asleep in the dark, an LED night light is your best bet to helping them overcome their fear.

There are many advantages of LED night lights. They are available in many designs, sizes, and colors.  LED night lights not only keep you from tripping in the dark but also work as a decorative statement piece for your bedroom.  We have listed some of the best LED night lights available on the market and will keep our list updated annually.

Best LED Night Lights

The following are some of the best-LED lights and their features:

1.      Hatch Baby Rest Night Light for Children kids night lights

The Hatch baby rest night lights are ideal for helping your little one go to sleep in the dark. Moreover, it’s bright enough to help you change diapers without turning on the lights. This LED light is multi-functional, with sound machines and time-to-rise alarm.

By connecting this night light to your smartphone, you can control features like light brightness, sound volume, and rise alert. This night light automatically turns on and off according to when you sleep and wake up.

It is safe to use with babies because it remains cool while brightening the room. As a plus, you can manually adjust its settings too.

The best feature of this child friendly LED light is that it creates a comfortable environment for your children to sleep. This night light features scientifically-proven combinations of colors and sounds.

It doesn’t require any batteries, but it requires a Smartphone or tablet with at least iOS 11 or Android lollipop. You can gift this amazing LED light to your child on their birthday.

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2.      Vont LED Night Light with Auto Sensor

The Vont LED night light provides balanced illumination for your bedroom. It gives you the ideal led night lights

amount of light to walk around the room without disrupting your sleep cycle, so it’s not too bright or too dim. You can install this light anywhere in your home, whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen, or bedrooms.

The best feature of this light is that it automatically turns on when the room is dark. Also, it adjusts itself according to the light source in the room.

This LED light has endless benefits:

  • 1 watt LED light costs you less than the other lights.
  • You don’t have to change the bulbs
  • It is made from 100% ABS, a fire-resistant material
  • It can easily fit in any type of socket and has a lifetime of over 10,000 hours

It offers you a lifetime warranty and lifetime instant support from their satisfaction agents.

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3.      GE LED Night Light

The GE LED light has a feature called a dusk-to-dawn sensor. Its sensor technology helps the light to turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn automatically. The GE LED night light’s stylish design gives your bedroom a stunning aesthetic.

This technology brightens your room without the hassle of changing bulbs and is long-lasting. The material used in it provides a cooling effect, even after prolonged use.

You can plug it into any indoor outlet. It requires a single outlet and leaves the other one free. This night light is certified by UL and has a 90-day warranty.

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4.      Toilet Bowl Light

This toilet bowl night light is designed to use inside of your toilet. It has a motion sensor feature  which detects movement within 3m-5m, and it has 90-degree coverage. Bowl light automatically turns on when you are near. It also turns off 2 minutes after you leave the bathroom. It contains two pleasant scent pieces that fill your washroom with a pleasant smell.

This night light contains 16 colors and you can choose one of the colors or can leave it to rotate colors one by one. It is pretty easy to use and all  you have to do is install the batteries in the light and then hang it on the rim of the toilet.

Toilet bowl light is splash-proof and works on AAA batteries and only uses 0.1 watts which helps saves money and is friendly to the environment.

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5.      Star Night Light for Children

The Star night light transforms the bedroom into a star-filled galaxy, making it the best night light for children. You can use this star nightlight as a projector as well.

This light gives you three types of themes. You can install it on birthdays with a birthday theme or make your child’s room look like a galaxy with its magical universe and starry sky theme. After you press its button B for 3 minutes, this light projects the theme on the wall or ceiling.

Star night contains six lighting effects, colors like yellow, white, blue, and other combinations. You can adjust colors by pressing only a button.

It requires AAA batteries, and you can charge it with a USB connector. And the best part is the company gives you a 100% refund guarantee.

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6.      GE Vintage Night Light

You can install this beautiful GE vintage night light in your kitchen, bedrooms, or dining room. It features a cage-like design. It includes a light sensor that automatically turns off at dawn and turns on at dusk.

This LED light has a long life and the GE vintage is made with the material which gives it cooler feel after the hours of its use. This light is energy efficient and you don’t have to change its bulb.

It fits in any outlet and has an adjustable feature to change its position on the outlet. The GE vintage offers you lifetime assurance, and it is also certified by UL.

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7.      Toilet Night Light

This night light includes a sensor that detects movement within 5 feet. The sensor has 170 degrees coverage. It glows the inner bowl of the toilet and turns off automatically in a minute if it doesn’t sense any movement near the toilet. This toilet night light only turns on due to movement and remains closed otherwise, maximizing its battery life. It contains sixteen colors; you can select one of them or let it rotate in different colors.

This light has five different adjustments. Its external-facing control makes it easy to adjust all the settings. Toilet night light material is soft and you can easily fit it on any toilet bowl. You can bend the light easily according to the size of your toilet.

It works on A3 batteries, which can work for twelve months, depending on its usage. This Toilet LED light is best if you want to gift your mom and dad something useful.

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8.      GE Ultrabrite LED Light Bar

Use this Ultrabrite light in the nursery, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or hallways. It gives you 100 lumens of white light. GE Ultrabite comes with a Dusk-to-dawn sensor, which means it can adjust with the ambiance of light.

It has a feature of automatically turning on and off, but you can set it to manual. This light works when you plug it in an outlet. But its design is compact and doesn’t cover the whole outlet. You don’t have to change the bulb because of its energy-efficient model.

You don’t have to worry if you have a child at home; its material is made to remain cool even after extensive use. Moreover, it is UL listed and makes your sleeping life easy.

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The Bottom Line

LED light technology is beneficial in many ways. It uses less electricity, making it environment-friendly, and it saves on utility expenses. Using this technology in night lights makes your life easier. You don’t feel trouble while sleeping because of the bright lights and you don’t have to turn on the main lights just to get out of bed and get a glass of water.

In most of these nightlights, you don’t even have to turn them off and on because they come with sensors to detect movement.

The nightlights mentioned above are best sellers with many positive reviews. Make sure to choose what is best for you and suits your need. You can also gift these lights to your child, friends, or family.

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