Is Recessed Lighting Going Out of Style?

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Is Recessed Lighting Going Out of Style?

recessed lighting going out of style

Is Recessed Lighting Going Out of Style?

Recessed lighting will never go out of style. However, the finishes and sizes will vary and change as time goes by. There are too many advantages of having the lighting recessed for them to eventually go out of style or phase out.

If you are thinking about a home lighting project and you are concerned about whether your choice to include recessed lighting may be out dated one day, then continue reading.

Top 5 Reasons Why Recessed Lighting Will Never Go Out of Style recessed lighting still in style

  • Recessed lighting saves on space
  • Recessed lighting places the focus on the light and not the fixture
  • They provide an even distribution of light
  • The finishes can be changed anytime
  • The bulb temperatures can be changed for a different effect

Recessed Lighting Saves on Space

The idea of recessing the lighting into your ceiling with that flush look means you are not hanging fixtures from your ceiling into your room. If you are adding a ceiling fan to the room then recessed lighting makes the most sense as well.

Recessed Lighting Places the Focus on the Light and Not the Fixture

In my opinion, the purpose of recessed lighting is to deliver light. It is not supposed to be a fixture that draws attention. The light it delivers should be placing the focus on the important things in the room or set the mood that you are looking for. It would be different if we were talking about an ornate lamp… but we are not.

Choose recessed lighting to bring efficient and effective lighting to your room. This is a major reason why recessed lighting will not go out of style.

An Even Distribution of Light is Always in Style

If you place and space the recessed lighting cans evenly and strategically, they will deliver the most even distribution of light. When you have a kitchen for example, you absolutely want an even distribution. Maybe in a family room you can go with lamps that place light in strategic areas.

Recessed lighting ensures that the room is lit with few dark areas.

Interchangeable Finishes Can be Changes Anytime

The one reason why recessed lighting is timeless because they offer the flexibility to change the finishes later. You have a can in your ceiling that stays forever. However, the finish may become outdated and can be purchased  in different colors and styles to suit your needs. You can change them as often as you like. They install in about 60 seconds and any homeowner can do it. You don’t even need any tools. If you have a step ladder and can screw in a light bulb, then you can do it.






Bulb Temperatures Can be Changed for a Different Effect

What most people don’t know is that bulbs have different kelvin light temperatures and deliver different types of light. The temperature that you use will have a huge impact on what your room will look and feel like. When we remodeled our kitchen, we used a 3500 temperature but then in our family room when I installed recessed lighting, I used a warmer temp of 2700 because of the darker colors and wood tones in the room.

Additional Benefits of Recessed Lighting

  • You can achieve a “wall washing” effect which basically means the light is being evenly dispersed throughout the room. The higher your ceiling, the more this will impact the room.
  • You can direct the light towards specific objects if you are using an eyeball trim style of light finish.
  • Small light baffles can yield big results. It is amazing at how much light one LED bulb can give off.
  • The lights can be used with a dimmer to change the amount of light or mood in the room.


Related Questions- Is Recessed Lighting Going Out of Style

Is Recessed Lighting Easy to Install?
They are not difficult if you take your time and follow instructions. The hardest part is running the wires between the ceiling joists. It is for that reason why recessed lighting can be a little more expensive to have someone install for you. Read our article on how to install recessed lighting.

Is Recessed Lighting Expensive?
Each light can cost you in the neighborhood of $30 when you factor in the can plus the fixture. There are many different styles which may cost more or less. Take a look at our recommended recessed lighting fixtures.

Can Recessed Lighting Improve the Value of My Home?
The light fixtures themselves will not deliver value. However, strategically using light to make a room look its best will absolutely add value to the home. It will give buyers that comfortable feeling when viewing your home during a sale. Read our article on how lighting can improve the value of your home.

How Far Should Recessed Lighting Be From My Cabinets?
The distance from the cabinets really has a lot to do with the height of the ceiling, the size of your lights and also the type of baffles that you have. Each recessed light fixture should come with some guidance on distances. Read our article on how to space or layout recessed lighting.

Does Recessed Lighting Come in Different Colors?
Yes they do come in different colors. The most popular is white and then chrome. The additional colors would be a bit more difficult to find in your local home improvement store but can be found via various online outlets.

Do I need an Electrician to Install Recessed Lighting?
I will always recommend using an electrician. However, if you are comfortable working with electrician, you are handy, you know the building codes in your town, and you apply for the appropriate permits… then you do not need to use an electrician.

Should I Install Recessed Lighting Before Selling My Home?
I believe that lighting will absolutely add value to your home if you do it properly and strategically. Therefore, if you believe that your lighting project will make your home look better, then absolutely install recessed lighting before selling your home.

What Should I do if My Recessed Lighting is Outdated?
If you have older looking recessed lights, then all you need to do us replace the trim to something you prefer and most likely also replace the old bulbs to LED. You can purchase the trim kit which also includes the light bulb. These can be replaced in minutes.

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