Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light Review

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Brilliant Evolution Puck Light Review

brilliant evolution

Under cabinet lighting has become extremely popular and is part of virtually every kitchen remodeling project. One of the two challenges that homeowners face is the budget or the under cabinet lighting installation process. The Brilliant Evolution puck lights help with both of those concerns.

We decided to review the Brilliant Evolution LED puck lights because they have become extremely popular. We noticed they are the best selling puck lights on Amazon. As a result, we had to buy them and see how well they perform, how easy they are to install, and then share what we learned with you.

Brilliant Evolution Puck Light Kit

We purchased the Brilliant Evolution 6 pack led kit. Here is what you get for the price:

  • 6 LED Puck Lights
  • Remote to control the lights
  • Each puck can also be turned on by tapping the lens
  • Screws and double-sided tape to mount the puck lights
  • Batteries for the puck lights and the remote

All of the parts were wrapped in plastic and fit snugly inside of the box. The product arrived in perfect condition.

Brilliant Evolution Puck Light Specs

  • Each puck light yields 55 lumens
  • Each puck light contains (3) LED bulbs
  • The Kelvin color temperature is 3000 (warm white)
  • The pucks can be dimmed
  • Each puck uses (3) AA batteries
  • Run time is 100 hours
  • Each puck is 3.38 inches in diameter and 1.25 inches high
  • Finish is white with a semi clear lens
  • Construction is plastic

** rechargeable batteries may be used but you cannot mix alkaline, standard and rechargeable batteries together in the same puck light.

Brilliant Evolution Puck Light Installation

These puck lights are very easy to install. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Twist off and remove the bottom panel of each puck light. Then, pull the clear plastic tab out to engage the batteries.
  2. Replace the bottom panel of each puck light
  3. Remove the plastic tab from the bottom of the remote to engage its battery.
  4. Test the puck lights to be sure each works properly. Check the on/off as well as the dimming functions.
  5. Identify the area underneath each cabinet where you would like to install the pucks. We recommend placing one beneath each door of every cabinet and center it half way between the front of the cabinet and the backsplash. Mark your location.
  6. Place the circular piece of double sided tape at the bottom of the puck light. Peel off the top portion of the tape and place the puck up against the mark underneath the cabinet. Apply firm pressure for at least 10 seconds. ** Recommend following up with the screws provided once you are happy with the location of the pucks.

Tip – Recommend installing a puck every 12-18 inches for the best results.

Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light Review

We are rating the features, performance and installation of the puck lights on a scale of 1-5 stars.

Installation (5 star rating) – The installation was extremely easy. These puck lights can be fully installed in just 10 minutes.

Remote (3 star rating) – The remote was a nice handy feature. However, we had two issues with it.

  1. You need to point the remote directly at each light (or in its general direction) to activate it. If you have lights spread across your kitchen, you will need to rotate/spin and press the button multiple times to activate each puck light.
  2. The remote will only control 10 lights at a time per the instructions. We did not try to test 10 or more. However, We have a feeling that the remote may be able to handle more than 10.

Battery Life (3.5 star rating) – The instructions indicate the run time is 100 hours. This is most likely the case if you have the lights on 100% brightness at all times. You also may get different results depending upon the brand you use or whether they are rechargeable. If you plan to use the lights often, I recommend getting rechargeable batteries.

Performance (4 star rating) – The good news is the Brilliant Evolution puck lights come in a Kelvin temperature of 3000k. That color temp should work most anywhere. They are bright enough to provide ambient or mood lighting, but they are not so bright that you can use them as task lighting.

Shadows (4 star rating) – These lights did not cast shadows and did not create dark spots in the corners or on the backsplash. I believe the key was keeping them a bit closer together versus spread far apart. There was a corner section that essentially had three pucks within three feet of one another and that helped to keep everything lit well.

Price (5 star rating) – You cannot beat these lights for the price. Check the price on Amazon today and see how much the 6 pack sells for. They also sell them in a 2 pack if you need to buy more, but not 6 more.


Overall Rating = 3.9 – The overall rating is for under cabinet lighting. These pucks performed well for wireless puck lights and quite possibly are some of the best ones you can buy. They will not match up to the hard wired under cabinet lighting fixtures because they simply will not have the power or the lumens to do that. As a result, a rating of 3.9 is very good.

Amazon customers are giving the Brilliant Evolution puck lights an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. This is with close to 4000 reviews so far.

**The few negative complaints are regarding the battery life. Some people said the lights burn out the batteries very quickly and are not lasting near the 100 hours indicated on the package.

The Brilliant Evolution LED puck lights would be great for a kitchen face lift where you do not want to invest that much money. Possibly if you are selling the home and want to give it that great look without the larger investment.

These puck lights can also be used individually in closets or dark stairwells. Since they can be turned on and off by tapping the lens, you would not need the remote.

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